Image shows diabetes badly affects our heart health
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October 2, 2020
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Stress becomes a Major for Heart Disease these Days | Know How

Image Shows Stress and Heart Disease

Stress and Heart Disease

In today’s stressful world, everyone has some or the other problem, Students has study pressure, Youngerters has career and job pressure, Service class has work pressure, family, financial problems, Businessmen has business problems, Old ones has health problems, and many types of problems like relationships, politics, war, pandemic, accidents, crimes etc.  we all have.

 It is okay to have problems in our life as there is a solution for every problem, always keep in mind that “No lock is made without key”

When a problem converts into stress?

When we have any problem we start thinking of it for some time or till then it is resolved or till we accepted that it will be resolved, but sometimes it happens with some people that they keep on thinking about a problem for long time, that problem is always in their mind while having food, walking, at office, at home, while watching T.V., At sleeping, while having bath, in short we can say – Almost every time, then it converts into stress.

How Stress affect our Heart?

It is yet a topic of research for medical experts – how exactly stress leads to heart disease, Is itself a risk factor? Or it induces other risk factors of heart disease like high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, hormonal imbalance, bad life style, behavioural changes (over eating / less eating, excess or less exercise, starts smoking, drinking, becomes irritable etc.)

stress can lead to emotional, psychological, and even physical problems Due to these problems, our stress level increases and we suffer from many types of diseases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, stress etc. these all ultimately leads to heart diseases and heart attacks.

Does Stress Affect Everyone the Same?

No. Stress management behaviour varies from person to person. One individual may discover an occasion joyful and gratifying, but another person may find the same event miserable and frustrating. At times, individuals may deal with pressure in ways that make worse situations worse by reacting with feelings of fear, hostility, anxiety, anger, guilt, and moodiness. Others may face life’s challenges with ease.

Some tips to manage stress-

  • Change what you can to bring down your pressure. .
  • Accept that there are  few things you can’t control. 
  • Start saying “No” for things / work that put you under pressure. Its’s okay to say no for sometimes to some persons.
  • Stay connected with people you love.
  • Start doing things that gives you joy, whether it is listing to music, watching movie, playing games, outing etc.
  • Have a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  • If needed take help of a counsellor or doctors

Written by: Dr. Chetan Sharma

EECP Specialist, Heart & Lifestyle Expert

Supported by Mr. Abhijeet Gautam

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