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What Is Heart?

The heart the most important body organ in humans and other animals, That pumps blood and nutrients throughout the body through the network of blood vessels.

The heart is located at the centre of the chest slightly left between the lungs. Heart assists in the removal of metabolic wastes, maintain homeostasis, maintain fluid balance in the body.

Human Heart is divided into four chambers upper two chambers are left atrium and right atrium and two lower chambers are left ventricle and right ventricle. The 4th chamber is left ventricle and it is the most important chamber.


Some Facts About Human Heart

  • Heart works 24 * 7 to circulate blood, nutrients and oxygen to all other body organs.
  • The average age of human heart is about 400 years.
  • Heart beats about 1,00,000 times each day.
  • Heart pumps about 7,500 litres of blood every day throughout human body.
  • Heart's average weight is 346 grams for men and 285 grams for women.
  • The size of a average heart is a fist in an adult.
  • Heart also needs supply of blood and nutrients for working smoothly.
  • The blood vessels that supply blood and nutrition to the heart are called coronary arteries.