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Lungs Capacity Improvement

The volume of air our lungs can hold during the maximum inhale is known as Lungs Capacity. In a normal adult male, the lung capacity is around 6 litres. In females, these numbers are lesser. The capacity of the lungs depends on several factors and age is one of them. The lung capacity tends to increase from birth to 25 years of age. Then it starts to decline. For every major task, your lung capacity plays a vital role. So lungs capacity improvement is essential for healthy living. Many people with respiratory disease like Asthma tends to have low lung capacity. To improve these many breathing exercises are provided. One of the best ways to improve the capacity of the lungs is through Salt therapy. At Halocave, the salt therapy rooms are well-equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. We even guide you for the treatment with Salt Therapy and provide you full consultancy and support.

Causes and Symptoms of Low Lungs Capacity


Lung capacity tends to decrease with age. It may not have a serious issue for most people. But for people having respiratory problems like allergy, asthma etc. They may need to improve their lung capacity. The following problems arise when lung capacity decreases:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Gasping for air


  • Unhealthy Lifestyle: If your lifestyle includes too many allopathy medicines, Smoking and exposure to pollution then you may have a high chance of low lung capacity.
  • Age: With the increase in age the capacity of the lungs starts to decrease. Lung capacity improvement is important for old age people.
  • Respiratory Disease: If you are suffering from respiratory diseases like Asthma or allergies then your lung capacity will also be less.

A very low lung capacity can be severe for your health. To help you with lungs capacity improvement Halocave provides you with Salt Therapy. Our expert doctors provide you with full support and consultancy and help you tackle low lung capacity. Our patients have experienced results and their overall symptoms of respiratory disease also decreased with Salt Therapy.

Natural Way For Lungs Capacity Improvement

Allopathy methods can increase your lung capacity but in long term, they can affect your health. Allopathy is only a short-term solution. The natural way to improve lung capacity is through Salt Therapy with Halocave. Salt Therapy kills the bacteria causing breathing issues and cleans the air passage. Salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it contains negatively charged ions which when inhaled kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Salt Therapy is beneficial in:
  • Strengthing Lungs and improving lungs capacity
  • Solving Respiratory diseases like Asthma, Allergy
  • Killing bacteria, toxins, and viral-causing agents from the lungs.
  • Detoxifying the body.

Lung capacity also depends on the lifestyle of the person. So if you smoke too often or are exposed to pollution then also lung capacity can be decreased. Halocave experts guide you in incorporating healthy habits. Our salt therapy is proven to Lungs Capacity Improvement. For us patient comes first hence we make sure all procedures are taken care of. So book your appointment with Halocave and get detailed consultancy with our experts.

Lungs capacity improvement