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Welcome To People Heart & Health Care Center

We have team of doctors and staff that has worked for years for EECP Treatment pioneer in India. Our team has worked in non invasive cardiology for years along with lifestyle management EECP treatment.


"To deliver Personal Care, Trust Feel and Human Touch to every patient everywhere" In future course of development People Health care will establish itself as a symbol of care and trust in medical industry of the world. We will provide such an excellent service to our patients that our "Patients will become our loyal promotors"


To add more and more non-invasive qualitative and authentic healthcare solutions under team of medical specialists and dedicated healthcare professionals to treat maximum peoples with non-invasive means.

Position in EECP Treatment in Rajasthan


American EECP Machines


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Our Medical Services

EECP Treatment
EECP stands for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is an US-FDA Approved Heart Treatment
Body Detox Treatment
BDT is also known as "Chelation" or EDTA Detoxification or Bio Chemical Cleansing
People Heart Care Program includes Cardiac exercises, Yoga & Pranayama, Oil Free Diet, Walk and other Heart & Lifestyle Management Techniques.