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What is a “Type A” Person and What is a Type B Person | Know

This image shows The Type A and Type B Personality

Type A Person and Type B Person

Stress and heart disease are very closely related. Medical science has studied and found some people are very vulnerable to stress because of their personality. Such stress prone personality is called “Type A personality”. There are people who do not take stress and remain relaxed even under stress and these people are called “Type B personality”. Research has also shown that Type A people are more prone to develop heart disease, high blood pressure and other stress related diseases.

A Type A person is one who has the capability of creating stress wherever they go. They are dominant in nature and cannot tolerate people giving them instructions. They are aggressive in nature – so they can pick up fights any moment. They are hard driving – which means once they start something they will not rest till the work is over – always pushing things and hurrying up. Another hallmark of their character is that they are very serious about time. Very highly punctual, they cannot tolerate anything being late. They remain always short of time because of their nature of doing everything by themselves and over ambitiousness. They are usually egoistic – trying always to speak about their abilities, connections and achievements. Such people are very hardworking and because of their nature, achieve success. But they create enemies also, and develop heart disease early.

Type B is just opposite. They are relaxed and easy going, not so particular about punctuality. When they feel they cannot complete things, they just give up. They are good listeners and speak slowly, without aggressiveness. They do not try to show off. They are less prone to develop stress related diseases like high B.P. or Heart Disease.

Another heart disease prone behaviour is called Hostility. It is very highly connected to heart disease. Hostile people have a tendency to punish people – if they get into bad relations with someone. They have a tendency to take revenge. They insult people on slightest provocation. If you ask them what will you do if someone throws one stone towards you, they will say, I will throw ten stones.

That’s how our personality and behaviour plays an important role to our health and effects our heart.    

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